QuickBooks For Mac Support Options in 2018

If you are using QuickBooks For mac to full-fill your accounting needs then you must aware that Intuit is Discontinuing QuickBooks mac. As you already know that the latest version of this software is QuickBooks mac 2016 but Intuit will only support this version through 31 May 2019. Now if you are looking for an alternative or QuickBooks For Mac Support Options then you can go for QuickBooks Online. If you have any issue using QuickBooks for Mac then you can call our QuickBooks online support to resolve any issue.

QuickBooks For Mac Support Options in 2019

QuickBooks Online is an amazing solution for all your accounting problem which comes in three versions:

  • QB Online Simple start
  • QB Online Essentials
  • QuickBooks Online plus

So. if you are a Mac user and you need accounting software that is the best fit for your requirements then QuickBooks Online is a great option for you. And the most important thing is, You can access your account of data from anywhere, any device, you just need an internet connection. Also if you want to give access to other users into your account or data then they can log in from anywhere into your account. You can use the free trial version of QuickBooks Online for 30 days if you are not sure that it will work as per your requirements or not. Also, you can get up to 50% off and the plans start at $10 per month.

QuickBooks Online for mac

For new users:

If you are a new QuickBooks user then check below to find your best-fit version of QuickBooks Mac.

For trusted Users of QuickBooks Mac

You should know that QuickBooks Online for Mac comes with great new features to give an enhanced experience to you. Also, Intuit is resources available to continue support desktop product like QuickBooks for mac. And you can use QuickBooks Online with any PC or Mac computer as well as the Mobile device with internet.

What happens If you continue using QuickBooks for Mac?

As we already told you that Intuit will only support the service of QuickBooks mac through May 31. 2019. After that you are no longer able to use any of these add-on services on your QuickBooks mac 2016:

  • Tech-support: You will not get any help from Intuit for any Questions regarding QuickBooks mac. But if you switch over to QuickBooks Online then you can get the free phone and chat support from Intuit.
  • Intuit payments: You can not receive credit card payment from your customers through your QuickBooks for mac after May 31, 2019. However, when you are switch over to QuickBooks Online then you can link your existing Intuit payments account to your QuickBooks Online account. You only need to contact Intuit tech support, and they will do it for you.
  • Payroll services: Your QuickBooks For mac 2016 is no longer process payroll, after May 31, 2019. When you make the switch over to QuickBooks Online, you will need to choose one of the Intuit Payroll Services.

So, Intuit will no longer support your QuickBooks mac. So you have to switch to QB Online as soon as possible to avoid running into any issues with the add-on services.  Switch to one of the three QuickBooks Online versions and follow the step-by-step instructions to Convert from QuickBooks Desktop to Online.

Note: The given above link to Convert from QuickBooks Desktop to Online, understand that the article was originally intended for a QuickBooks Windows conversion, But the step for QuickBooks Mac conversion is almost similar.

QuickBooks Online for Mac is cloud-based accounting software. You do not require to install any software for it. And also you can access it from any devices such as Desktop, Laptop, tablet or mobile phone with an internet connection and a secure ID and password.

Versions of QuickBooks Online for Mac

There is three QuickBooks version for mac with given pricing plans:

  1. Simple Start: QuickBooks Online simple start is best for the startup business. Costs $20 per month.
  2. Essentials: Costs $35 per month, and it’s best for small to medium-sized businesses that sell services only.
  3. Plus: Costs $60 per month, and it’s best for any business that sells products or services

You do not need more information related to these three versions of QuickBooks Online after reading the given chart:

Features QuickBooks Online Simple Start QB Online Essentials QuickBooks Online Plus
Monthly Cost $20 $35 $60
Users Included 1 (plus 2 accountant users) 3 (plus 2 accountant users) 5 (plus 2 accountant users)
Manage Accounts Receivable                          ✔                         ✔                      ✔
Download Bank and Credit Card Transactions                          ✔                         ✔                      ✔
Manage Accounts Payable                          ✕                         ✔                      ✔
Track Inventory                          ✕                         ✕                      ✔
Create Purchase Orders                          ✕                         ✕                      ✔
Prepare 1099s                          ✕                         ✕                      ✔
Create & Manage Budgets                          ✕                         ✕                      ✔

Get your QuickBooks online for mac plan according to your requirements.


Well, we understand better that switching accounting software is never easy. But the good news is that you still have the same intuit trust with this QuickBooks product. And also you can access your account or data 24/7365. Also, there is no need to email your QuickBooks File to your accountant. Because you can give them access from anywhere with secure ID and Password. Also, you can get unlimited free support with QuickBooks Online. Now I hope you get the knowledge of QuickBooks For Mac Support Options 2019.

If you need support for your QB for mac then contact us through our toll-free Quickbooks customer service number +1-833-638-8333.

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