How to fix QuickBooks for Mac Multi-user issues?

In this article, we will discuss QuickBooks for Mac Multi-user issues. As we know, So many Apple users also use QuickBooks for his Business purpose. So, in this article, we will provide step by step troubleshooting of multi-user problems in QuickBooks for Mac. You can contact to QuickBooks online support to get instant help for all your related issues.

Steps to fix multi-user issues in QuickBooks For Mac

Verify that QuickBooks Server is working and the company file is shared

  • First, click on Go and the Applications.
  • After that, double-click the QuickBooks 20XX
  • Share the report if required:
    • If the document is listed below the NOT SHARED, choose the file and click start sharing.
    • If the report is not listed, then choose the “+” option in the lower left side to include the file. Note: Only the hots Desktop should have the QuickBooks Server application installed and working. It is also needed for the company file to be on the same desktop the QuickBooks Server app is installed.

Examine Mac OS Firewall Settings

  • Choose the Apple menu in the upper left side of your computer and click System Preferences.
  • Then, click the security & privacy icon.
  • After that, Select the Firewall option.
  • And then, choose the Firewall Options button. Note: If the option is grayed out then click the lock icon on the left side to unlock it.
  • Verify that the QuickBooks Server application is set to Allow Incoming Connections.

Verify file sharing permissions are set correctly on the host desktop

  • First of all, click the Apple menu, in the upper left side of your computer and then choose System Preferences.
  • After that, choose the sharing icon.
  • Choose the checkbox for File Sharing if it is not presently verified.
  • Add the folder the company file is saved into the shared folders.
    • Click the “+” button below the Shared Folder column.
    • Search to the folder where the company file is located, then select Add.
  • In the user’s column, be sure the permission is set to Read/Write for everyone or just the particular users who will be using QuickBooks.

Certify that the Bonjour service is running properly on all PC

Note: System multi-user troubleshooting techniques should not be applied to mac networks. The following steps are for Mac Networks:

  • Select File and then New Finder Window.
  • Make sure the other desktop using QuickBooks will not able to share the report with those computers.

If the other system is not shown, QuickBooks will not be able to share the file with those desktops.

Bonjour required the following ports open: 56565 TCP, 5297 TCP, 5298 TCP/UDP, 5353 UDP.

Check the network setting

If the guest desktop has both QB and the QuickBooks Server app, then take up the ethernet cable or switch off the airport and reboot. After the reboot, Open the QB and attempt to enabling multi-user mode. If it allows correctly there might be an issue with the network hardware that provides your network access. Sometimes the hardware can interface by blocking the transmission between QuickBooks and the QuickBooks Server.

Note: If any of the desktops are connecting to the network via wireless mode, please verify the network setting to make sure they are linking to the same network.

Set up a peer to peer direct linking

You can directly link two desktops together using a single ethernet cable.

  • You have to shut down your both desktops and plug each end of the cable into a computer’s ethernet port.
  • When the desktop starts up, the Bonjour service should permit the system to view each other. Check this by opening a new searching window and view if each desktop can see the other in the shared section.
  • Take one computer to be the host and then open the report and in the multi-user mode. For this, Click on File and then Enable Multi-User Mode.
  • Open the QuickBooks on the other Desktop and from the shared document section, open the company file.

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